Paragon Advisory Group – Capital Enhancements

Capital Enhancement – There are many ways to enhance a capital structure. We have experience in an NYSE IPO and subsequent secondary offerings, public debt offerings, corporate credit facilities, working capital loans and debt/capital hybrid investments in addition to transaction oriented special purpose instruments. We can help you determine the best structure for your business, determine market reception and help you interface with potential investors and lenders.

  • Assist in raising new equity – we help our clients create growth strategies and assist them in finding the capital required to realize those strategies. Capital vehicles would include public offerings or private-private and private placements.
  • Restructure existing indebtedness – current economic conditions have left many companies with debt structures that are not supported by current business levels. We help our clients restructure and reduce their current indebtedness.
  • Assist in arranging new debt – with interest rates at historic lows, where possible we assist our clients in raising new debt and refinancing existing debt.
  • Improve liquidity – we develop aggressive cash management and accounts receivable financing techniques to improve liquidity.