Paragon Advisory Group – Acquisitions & Dispositions

Acquisitions & Dispositions - we have led more than 25 transactions ranging from $5 million to $1.1 billion. Typically, our roles have included evaluations, marketing, due diligence, negotiation and post closing integration. We pride ourselves in finding creative ways to help our clients achieve their goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions-can include a strategic purchase of a competitor, the addition of a vertically integrated process or a complementary line of products, or the acquisition of an unrelated business.

Divestitures - we work closely with our clients to develop an optimal strategy for selling their business or a segment thereof. We know that helping a seller understand the market and arrive at a realistic value are often the most important aspects of a sale. We manage the process by first drafting a comprehensive disposition plan and valuing the business. We then reach out to potential qualified buyers with a detailed presentation of the business. Extensive premarketing due diligence allows us to frame issues that could negatively affect the transaction. We negotiate to obtain the best value for our clients, understanding that success is measured by more than just obtaining the best price. We focus on simplifying the closing and limiting post closing liabilities. During the entire process we work closely with our clients to make sure their objectives are being met.

Management Buyouts - can be hostile or friendly, but, by nature, they are all highly charged situations. Different factions within the entity suddenly have different interests, groups are split and reconstituted, and uncertainty can replace harmony and teamwork. We can educate parties on the effects of preexisting agreements, compute values and act as intermediaries. We can develop formulas, establish checks and balances, devise financial arrangements, and design solutions for resolving disputes with minimal disruption.

Exit Strategy - we help our clients develop a medium term strategy which explores the many options available to business owners to exit their business or create personal liquidity.